Release date:2007-10-02
Available on:Xbox360 / WIN PC


MazeX has now been written in C# using XNA Game Studio Express for the Xbox360 and Windows platform.

Having recently re-written MazeX in the Cyclone game engine for Windows and Xbox (1), I set about learning C# and XNA to develop games for the Xbox360 console. To get started with the new language and API, I decided to port MazeX to the Xbox360 and within an afternoon, it was complete.

Key Features:

  • My first game built in C# with the XNA API.
  • 3d Maze Generation Algorithm
  • Path finding and State-Based AI system.
  • Full 3d Graphics created in 3ds Max.
  • Joystick, Keyboard and Mouse Control with DirectInput.
  • XACT sound.