Available on:PC / XBOX


Cyclone represents the final project for my BSc (Hons) in Computer Games Programming. It is a cross-platform game engine developed from DirectX 9 PC's and the Microsoft Xbox games console.

Having written a simple engine in my second year, and experimented with using the Xbox XDK over the Summer, I decided to design a new cross-platform game engine for my third year final project. Cyclone is a powerful and robust game development tool. Incorporating advanced rendering physics and cross platform game development into a single bridging multi purpose and highly dynamic, programmer-friendly library. Utilizing cutting edge techniques and technologies to provide a highly expansive and efficient game generation process, Cyclone delivers the high performance and highly structured backbone for any game developing project.


Cyclones original structure simultaneously produces code for multiple platforms. Each function not only works for PC titles, but also for the Microsoft Xbox games console. This can effectively cut the development time in half or double a games platform scope. Commercially this would open both the huge PC Gaming Market, and also the larger Console Gaming Market to a single product. No time is required to port a game from one platform to the other, and the need for expensive console development kits is greatly reduced.


Cyclone is fully integrated with the the Tokamak Physics SDK which allows models to exhibit advanced rigid-body, and animated body dynamics on a convex hull terrain. Tokamak also allows constraints and joints to be created between multiple objects to allow the creation of more complex mechanisms such as hinges, ropes or rag-doll physics. On top of the physics, Cyclone also contains many less costly collision detection methods such as bounding box, spheres and intersection.


Cyclone contains a proprietary effect and material manager which allow it to read and intemperate any DirectX effect (fx) file which conforms to the DirectX Standard Attributes and Semantics (DSXS) into a material. A Material also contains the vertex colour and textures to represent a surface which are used as fallbacks if there are no effects or the effect does not validate for the specific hardware on which the game is running. Materials can be read in from a text file and applied to any subset of any model at compile time or even in real-time using the material manger.

Scene Management

Cyclone allows the 3d environment to be broken down into a scene-graph. This allows each object to be checked against the cameras viewing frustum and culled accordingly. The Scene Manager also allows scenes to be loaded from a map file and ensures that resources are allocated correctly and no duplicates are made. The Scene may also include node-tree meshes which allow complex meshes (with a high polygon count) to be broken down into cubes which checked against the cameras viewing frustum.

Other Features:

  • Load animated and static DirectX (.x) models.
  • 2d sprites & billboarding.
  • BSP collision with Terrain following.
  • 3D Sound