Release date:2004-03-24
Available on:WIN PC


Thought Space Invaders ended sometime in the early 1980's? Think again! In this 3d third-person Action/Adventure, you control an alien shot down during the invasion.

The alien was a crew-member of one of the leading invasion fleets sent to Earth. When his ship was destroyed, he wakes up to find he is alone in a dark wood on the planet Earth. With no sign of his captain or his fellow crew members, and no means of escape, he's faced with a choice: Does he find a way to escape the hostile planet Earth? or does use his newly acquired strength to continue his mission and conquer the planet?

As the player of InvasionDay, it is up to you to collect the parts of the aliens destroyed ship, rebuild the ship and then decide whether to escape in it or to use its explosive parts to destroy the gun turret (from space invaders) with is still visible in the distance destroying the ships of your alien allies.

Key Features:

  • Full third Person Action Adventure with alternate endings.
  • Complex character animation and AI.
  • Custom FMV movies and music.
  • Customizable Joystick, Keyboard and Mouse Control with DirectInput.
  • Load and save the game at any point.
  • Complete with 2d version of Space Invaders.