Release date:2004-12-15
Available on:WIN PC


It had been days since his elaborate burial and Pharaoh Tutankhamen Lay in the cool tranquility of his sarcophagus. Lamenting his short stint on the throne, the Pharaoh quietly prepared himself for his journey to the afterlife. But what was this?

A beam of light split through the darkness of the tomb, a cry broke the silence. this was not the procession to the underworld the Pharaoh was expecting but a team of grave robbers breaking into his death chamber and stealing his treasures. The treasures he needed to gain access to his afterlife! The Pharaoh could not lie back and allow this to happen to him. As the powers of an ancestral curse tore through his listless body, the Pharaoh rose to gather his treasures.

Pharaoh: The Curse of Anubis is a fast-paced third-person Platform Action game. Pharaoh allows a player to take control the mummy of Tutankhamen as he negotiates the traps of his own collapsing pyramid in order to recover the treasure scattered by grave robbers

Key Features:

  • My First game built in C++ with the DirectX API.
  • Customizable, externally created Level Files.
  • Full 3d Graphics created in 3ds Max.
  • Joystick, Keyboard and Mouse Control with DirectInput.
  • Fully interactive,analogue-sensitive, third person camera system.
  • MP3 and Wav sound with DirectSound.