Release date:2005-01-14
Available on:WIN PC


Trapped in a semi-transparent maze within some crazy alternate dimension? Being chased by a predator that can not only see you but detect your scent too? Is there someone else in the maze that won’t stop running away from you? You just might be in MazeX.

MazeX began as an assignment in Artificial Intelligence. The aim was to create a random 3d Maze environment in witch a player could be both chased and evaded by computer controlled 'bots Programmed in C++ using DirectX, MazeX implements a complex class structure witch allows a 3d maze environment to be constructed of individual cell objects. Inheritance is also used throughout to allow common methods or functions and data structures to be shared and specified within specific aspects of the game such as characters (which, playable or not, derive from a common class).

The two AI systems in MazeX (named the Predator and Prey) are based on the "real-world" senses of the non-playable characters and controlled with a finite state machine (FSM). This allows the predator (for example) to check if a player is visible or if it detects a players scent - a trail left by the player as he negotiates the maze. If the player is sensed, A* based path finding is used to chase the player through the maze until he is either no-longer sensed or has been captured.

More common engine elements included in EngineX are support of Skinned and animated .x format meshes, a unified DirectInput wrapper class, the ability to click on objects in world space (using picking) and many other standard engine features.

Key Features:

  • My second game built in C++ with the DirectX API.
  • 3d Maze Generation Algorithm
  • Path finding and State-Based AI system.
  • Full 3d Graphics created in 3ds Max.
  • Joystick, Keyboard and Mouse Control with DirectInput.
  • MP3 and Wav sound with DirectSound.