Available on:Xbox360 / WIN PC


I started learning C# soon after leaving University and have now progressed onto using it within the XNA Game Studio environment along with the XNA framework, and XNA Content Creators Club membership, to develop games for the Xbox360 and Windows platforms concurrently.

Having done extensive work with both Java and C++, I got to grips with C# in a matter of hours, advancing onto new areas of the language such as generics within the first day. Also having programmed my own cross platform engine for Xbox and PC (Cyclone), I had experience targeting xbox and working with the XDK development kit and libraries.

Having put in the ground work, I was not entirely surprised that C# and XNA came easily to me. What I was suppried with however was the level of assistance that the XNA framework gives to developers. Working on what seems to be a layer slightly above DirectX, the XNA framework bares many similarities to a simple engine, including content management and loading facilities, along with native support of the effect file framework and extensive 3d maths libraries. Another great feature of the C# language is the Java-like garbage collection and Object class inheritance.

The differences between devloping for Windows and Xbox360 are trivial, normally just a matter of creating the right type of project and linking in the right libraries (much like in Cyclone ). Having HLSL (up to 3.0) support on the 360 is also a great advantage over the original Xbox where shaders were a low-level, assembly-only affair.

All said, I am finding XNA an enjoyable experience so far and look forward to posting some of my projects up on this site soon.